Carlos Dall'Asta is an argentinian visual artist based in Athens with a Latin-American background.  He has a Master Degree in Painting from the National University of Arts of Argentina, after he was graduated from the National Fine Arts School. His personal style is expressionism and he is mainly focused in the art of portraiture and dynamics of the human figure.

 His painting technique is based in strong gestures. The preferential use of charcoal has a great significance, creating textures, evocative atmospheres, at a thin point between the representative and the abstract.

 Lately within the world of stained glass he develops original designs from his artistic perspective. Special light, shape and color can be seen in his glassworks, lamps and mirrors.

​ As Tango dancer and teacher he is influenced by the movement and dynamics of the artistic language, founding a parallelism between the two so different disciplines: dance and visual art.


His artwork can be found in numerous private collections in Argentina, the USA, Sweden, Germany and Greece.

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